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All of the Partners at 5th Avenue are highly invested and committed; therefore, our clients are guaranteed a level of service and satisfaction that is unparalleled in the industry. We provide all of our customers with:


The 5th Avenue Partners are long term thinkers and our objective is to help our clients achieve their goals of getting funded for their dreams!


The 5th Avenue Partners email and call back promptly to our clients and execute transactions without undue delays.

Because of our persistent approach to securing funding for our clients, we have vetted only the top financiers and private banking relationships in order to provide the most proven, world-class project funding sources available in the USA and Internationally.   Funding your project is of utmost importance to us and we will serve your project to only the most professional and capable in-house and associate relationships to ensure your best success with the development of your project.

At 5th Avenue, we’re working on a little thing called the future.

Leadership Team

Meet the 5th Avenue Managing Partners and Partners who are remaking the world of Project Funding, Angel Investing & Venture Capital

reagan-rodriguez-ceo-project-fundingReagan Rodriguez

CEO - 5th Avenue Acquisitions & Venture Capitalists 

Reagan Rodriguez is a seasoned entrepreneur with a significant history of successes and draws upon this depth of experience to guide the vision and strategic direction of 5th Avenue Acquisitions & Venture Capitalists as CEO. After a successful career as CEO of The Franchising Group, Reagan acquired a healthcare merger & acquisition firm and implemented several necessary changes to improve the integrity of the business model, and now serves as the CEO of 5th Avenue Acquisitions & Venture Capitalists . He distinguished the company by expanding nationwide through partnership buy-ins versus franchising or licensing.    

Reagan started his career by analyzing and researching hundreds of business models. He was intrigued with business start-ups and the people that owned them – especially with how they thought, acted and dealt with stressful situations. His mission, since then, has been to conceptualize the mindset of the very best entrepreneurs and help others inside and outside his companies attain their forward-thinking philosophies.

Reagan is an avid believer that “If you want your life to get better, sometimes the best thing you can do is to help improve somebody else’s life.”  He feels very grateful that he has a business which allows him to share his blessings and the blessings of this business with other people so that they can also achieve their dreams. His goal is to open up 50 offices throughout the United States with people who have dreams and goals and want his help to achieve them by building a profitable Merger & Acquisition practice. “I am looking for people that have a teachable spirit, are honest, accountable, dedicated and who accept responsibility for the condition of their lives and realize that they must change and temporarily be uncomfortable in order to grow and become the people that they were intended to become.”

Outside of his entrepreneurial interests, Reagan has pursued his personal passion for service by founding The Rodriguez Stewardship Foundation.  The foundations’ goal is to provide grants and training to ministries to improve financial stability and enhance their ability to raise donations for themselves. Since then, he has directed his energy toward serving and partnering with those in need, and to raise capital and awareness for the world’s greatest causes.

Reagan leads the foundation’s efforts by taking teams to several different communities throughout Honduras, Peru, and the Dominican Republic.  


Lynn Anderson

Managing Partner - Georgia


Lynn is committed to helping her clients prosper through practice ownership, expansion, or creating a successful transition strategy. Her passion is helping her customers maximize their investment as an entrepreneur and excel at individual practice ownership. Lynn believes her skills in problem solving, networking, energy leadership, and financial strategy mixed in with some fun allow her to provide tailored solutions that exceed her client’s expectations.


With a Master’s Degree in Business Administration (MBA) from the University of Nebraska and Bachelor of Science degrees in Operations Research and Computer Science from the U.S. Air Force Academy, Ms Anderson has a solid foundation to support the business needs of her clients.

evgeny-kobin-project-fundingEvgeny Kobin MD MBA

Managing Partner - New Jersey


Evgeny Kobin MD MBA has over 20 years of business and pharma industry experience working for and consulting with multiple global companies of varied sizes in different functions, geographies and therapeutic areas.


As medical doctor by training with an MBA from Kellogg Business School Mr. Kobin is well positioned to provide sound consultation on business strategy, commercialization, valuations, acquisition financing, and access to expansion capital.





Larry Cook

Managing Partner - Houston, Texas


Larry has 28 years of management experience in a wide range of industries sand disciplines.  A graduate of Lamar University in Beaumont, Larry has had a widely successful career as a manager and entrepreneur.  


With experience across a wide variety of business disciplines, and a strong background in Mergers and Acquisitions, the vision of a firm in the Houston area that was focused on transition services for doctors (and the healthcare industry) has been a long term goal.  5th Avenue Houston is the culmination of that vision.




David Thurmond DVM

Partner - Houston, Texas


Dr. David Thurmond has nearly 20 years experience as a practicing veterinarian and experienced entrepreneur. Graduating with degrees in both Animal Science and Business Administration in Finance prior to completing his doctorate at Colorado State University.


With experience extending from financial planning, practice ownership and corporate medicine as well as the start up, sell and acquisition of multiple practices Dr. Thurmond is well equipped and versed in the transition from practitioner to non-practitioner.




randy-reich-project-fundingRandy Reich

Managing Partner - Dallas, Texas


Randy is a dynamic leader, based in Woodlands, Texas.  He has a vast experience in crafting successful team outcomes in complex settings and business ventures.  He has a strong and diverse history with experience in company profitability and operational excellence within various team settings.  He has helped improve the enterprise value of multiple organizations with which he has been affiliated.


Randy is also a family-centric man who brings a strong history of personal values to his business partners at 5th Avenue Acquisitions & Venture Capitalists as well as all of his clients.


Randy strives to create unity in diverse business settings while also bringing a keen background in financial operations and lean management to his clients seeking funding through 5th Avenue Acquisitions & Venture Capitalists.  Not only is he able to source funding for start-ups, project expansions and source capital through various private funds and investors, he is also able to bring his extensive experience in company growth and improvement to his clients seeking successful funding for their business ventures.


Eric Bradley

Partner - Indiana


Eric Bradley, from Indiana, brings a wealth of experience in business development and team management, with exceptional attention to detail from his years working in the engineering industry.  He is one of those very dynamic and versatile individuals who is able to work with incredibly complex and detailed projects while also being able to put others first, serving and bringing unity in team settings.  His unique ability to handle complex technical tasks which require perseverance while also having exceptional people skills makes him a great asset to his clients who are navigating the various challenges of project funding and private capital.


Eric has an MS in Management from Purdue University, Krannert School of Management as well as an MS in Electrical Engineering from Syracuse University.  He also has multiple patents, and has been acknowledged by both peers and clients as being the consummate professional, incredibly helpful and available for any question or challenge.  His unique ability to serve people while being able to handle complex and detailed endeavors makes Eric a considerable asset to his partners at 5th Avenue Acquisitions & Venture Capitalists, as well as a highly professional source for his clients seeking project funding.



Kathy Bradley

Partner - Indiana


Kathy Bradley brings an extensive knowledge of operating and transitioning leadership in businesses of all sizes.  Her Master's in Management combined with an undergraduate degree in engineering and over 20 years in the Hoosier business community has honed her skills of organizing and optimizing businesses for improved efficiencies and better earnings.


Kathy is excited to bring these skills and experiences to make practice transitions beneficial to both the owner who wants to enjoy the benefits of what has been built and the buyer who is embarking on a great journey.  Bringing together the essential ingredients of a successful transition: education, valuation, financing, and detail management is Kathy's focus.



fernando-lopez-project-fundingFernando Lopez

Partner - Virginia


Fernando Lopez is a multi-talented acquisitions and finance professional with years of successful experience across several industries. With a strong background in strategic finance and business growth, Fernando brings a unique balance of long-term strategic planning along with short term capabilities of managing challenging fiscal goals on a very large scale.


Fernando has strategically managed business finances in excess of $90M. His finance and business experience and long-term thinking with a personal focus on excellence makes him a valued partner serving dental and medical professionals with practice transitions in the state of Virginia.



laura-van-houtte-project-fundingLaura Van Houtte

Associate - Michigan


Laura is a self-motivated entrepreneur and family-centered professional with past successes in multiple industries.  She is personally interested in the creation of business empires while striving to work with individuals who are like-minded and working toward a bigger and brighter future.


She brings a long history of company improvement and strategic business development through her history of success with Kapnick Insurance Group and Strategic Coach.  As a partner at 5th Avenue Acquisitions & Venture Capitalists, she solidifies multi-million dollar acquisitions, development, start-up and capital funding by leveraging exclusive private funds and investor sources.


She is a transparent, efficient, persistent and detail-oriented strategist who builds on past successes to enhance the business and personal lives of those around her.


Laura brings her core beliefs and values of serving others first, generosity, forgiveness, and acceptance of mistakes, which helps her to maintain flexibility while working diligently to obtain results for all of her clients.


eric-st-germain-project-fundingEric St. Germain

Managing Partner - Michigan and Florida


Eric St. Germain, with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Northern Michigan University, has over 25 years of extensive and successful business experience establishing profitable start-up operations, orchestrating effective turnarounds, driving revenue growth and increasing the enterprise value of multiple businesses.  


He has personally forged vast experience and success in every aspect of business growth from start-ups to successful exit strategies. 


Eric has effectively led clients through all stages of funding ranging from friends and family, to private investors through IPO, to final exit strategy.  Additionally, he has developed and successfully operated franchise chains from concept to duplication and national expansion.  He brings this history of vast successes and wisdom of business transitions to serve his clients through 5th Avenue Acquisitions & Venture Capitalists.


Eric is happily married to his wife Amy and together they have a son Luke and a daughter Emma.  Some of his personal interests are golf, boating, camping, skiing, and reading, as well as philanthropic causes.  Eric serves as an advisory board member to the Dean of the College of Business at Northern Michigan University. He is also a Muskegon area United Way supporter and is involved in various other humanitarian causes.


richard-ricciuti-project-fundingRichard Ricciuti

Partner - Pennsylvania


Richard started his college career as an athlete in baseball.  While in college, he discovered his interest in business & entrepreneurship and was encouraged by coaches and staff to continue this endeavor through academics and professional application.  


Richard excelled in sports and academics, understanding the dynamics of working hard as an individual and as a team player.   His passion for business ownership and entrepreneurship was also piqued during finance and business classes early in his collegiate career, further fueling his passion for Entrepreneurship.



chris-olup-project-fundingChristopher Olup

Associate - District of Columbia


With his long history in business growth and development, real estate and operations management, Chris understand the mechanics and the inner workings of business through a variety of experiences including start-ups and successful turn-around projects in which he has been involved.


Chris brings his vast experience in operations, business growth and turn-around success, real estate development, and real estate paralegal wisdom to his partners and clients at 5th Avenue Acquisitions & Venture Capitalists.


Chris Olup's results-driven and client-first values are great assets to the 5th Avenue Acquisitions & Venture Capitalists team, as well as to his clients who are seeking private start-up, acquisition or development capital for their project.


derrick-scott-project-fundingDerrick Scott

Partner - Oklahoma


Derrick Scott brings a successful history of over 24 years in business development, consulting, service excellence, professionalism and guiding clients to personal financial stability and security through his successful ventures in the insurance industry.  He has a specific interest in building long-term relationships focused on continuing to serve the clients' ongoing needs as their goals change throughout the stages of business and life.


Derrick has also served as a consultant to multiple companies, helping to align strategic start-up, growth, and financial operations for successful business development.


He is a strong family man and has volunteered many years as the president and partner to Vype High School Sports Magazine, among other community organizations.  Derrick brings his vast experience and passion in client services, meeting customer needs and guiding companies from start-up to success to his clients at 5th Avenue Acquisitions & Venture Capitalists.



Keith Winfree, Ph.D.

Area Developer for California


Keith Winfree is the Founder of Winfree Business Growth Advisors.  He has coached over 100 people in his life one on one to help them achieve their goals in their business of choice.  He has written three books on sales and sales management and business coaching.  His ebook on how to survive in business is a great way to understand his simple philosophy. 


He loves to help others achieve their goals.  He has a Ph.D. in education, M.Div. in ministry, and BS in industrial engineering. He has been certified as a Business Intermediary with the International Business Brokers Association, and Certified as a Franchise Executive with the International Franchise Association.  He lives in Louisville, Kentucky and is active in his church in a ministry in prisons.  He is in charge of a worldwide program to help the poor, uneducated and homeless through education.  He is the founder of The Society of YHWH.  He is married and has three daughters and two granddaughters. 


Advisory Board


Reagan Rodriguez

CEO, Managing Partner

5th Avenue Acquisitions & Venture Capitalists 


Reagan Rodriguez is a seasoned entrepreneur with a significant history of successes and draws upon this depth of experience to guide the vision and strategic direction of 5th Avenue Acquisitions & Venture Capitalists as CEO. After a successful career as CEO of The Franchising Group, Reagan acquired a healthcare merger & acquisition firm and implemented several necessary changes to improve the integrity of the business model, and now serves as the CEO of 5th Avenue Acquisitions & Venture Capitalists . He distinguished the company by expanding nationwide through partnership buy-ins versus franchising or licensing.    


Reagan started his career by analyzing and researching hundreds of business models. He was intrigued with business start-ups and the people that owned them – especially with how they thought, acted and dealt with stressful situations. His mission, since then, has been to conceptualize the mindset of the very best entrepreneurs and help others inside and outside his companies attain their forward thinking philosophies.


tim-scholten-project-fundingTim Scholten

Advisory Board Member

Banking and Advisory Strategies


Tim Scholten is the founder of Visible Progress, and has decades of successful experience in the banking industry. Based in the Columbus, Ohio area, Tim's company partners with financial institutions guiding them on strategic planning, immersive operations/systems review and improvement as well as inspirational change management. Tim and his company have earned a reputation for delivering exceptional ROI, while leading regional and national banks through major initiatives including bank launches, major systems integrations and upgrades, and streamlining and strategic cost-reduction initiatives. As a banking executive, Tim is a seasoned expert in operational and strategic planning, team progress and unity-building, market positioning and new business acquisition.


With more than 25 years experience as an executive in the financial services field, and having held leadership positions in such notable institutions as Huntington Bank in Columbus and First Michigan Bank in Holland, Tim is known as a straight-shooter and a passionate advocate for his clients’ success. Tim brings this vast experience in the banking industry to help in the strategic guidance, positive growth progress and accountability to the 5th Avenue Team.


phil-sorentino-project-fundingPhil Sorentino

Advisory Board Member


Phil Sorentino, as President of Humor Consultants Inc. since 1981, has led countless individuals and companies to improve their performance and their business results by helping them develop a better, more positive and realistic human and market perspective.  


The motto of his business is to "Inspire people to Work Smart Have Fun & Make Money™ by knowing what to Feel Think Be Do Have Give for Success, Happiness", and he brings this life philosophy, positively impacting every relationship and company with which he engages.


Phil helps 5th Avenue Acquisitions & Venture Capitalists by bringing decades of customer centric leadership, impacting each 5th Avenue Partner positively, as well as bringing relevant training each year to the 5th Avenue Annual Conference.  He also brings impartial,. integrity-based accountability to the 5th Avenue Acquisitions & Venture Capitalists atmosphere.



Neil Johnson

Managing Partner - Lawrence, Evans & Co.



As Managing Partner of Lawrence, Evans & Co., LLC, Neil’s responsibilities primarily include deal sourcing and evaluation, transaction structuring, the securing of financing including debt and equity, fundraising and all administrative activities. As President of NS Investment Funds, an alternative asset fund, Neil oversees all investment activity in growth and distressed companies.


Prior to co-founding Lawrence, Evans & Co., LLC, Neil worked at one of the largest asset based lenders in the country but also spent time with a healthcare investment bank as an underwriter. Other relevant experiences included a bond trader managing over $100 million in assets at a regional based investment advisor. Neil spent time in Koln Germany with an internet start-up and was involved with a successful sale of an internet consumer marketing company.


Neil is a board member of several of NS Investment Fund’s investments. he is a member of the Association of Corporate Growth, Turnaround Management Association, and the American Bankruptcy Institute.


He has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics and Management from Albion College in Albion, MI. Neil received his Masters of Business Administration degree from The Ohio State University Max M. Fisher College of Business.


aaron-schulman-project-fundingAaron Schulman

Advisory Board Member 



Aaron Schulman is a seasoned Internet Marketing Strategist and web developer in Columbus, Ohio.  He has done extensive Web & SEO development "behind the scenes" for many business owners throughout the country since 2004.  He has a strong educational background in psychology, marketing and education with degrees from Westminster College, PA and Ashland University, Ohio, and believes that continuing education is an absolute necessity for personal and professional development, as well as maintaining an ever increasing quality of life.   Moreover, he is passionate about learning complex internet, business development and marketing skills and helping others to understand and implement these skills for their personal and professional growth and success.


One of his core business philosophies focuses on increasing the enterprise value of small to medium-size businesses through educating and equipping owners, partners and personnel to become self-sufficient at their search marketing capabilities and "Google Image" with a focus on achieving top Search Engine rankings for highly competitive industry-specific keyword phrases, both internationally and regionally.  He is constantly honing his skills in the affiliate marketing industry as well to help business owners stay on the cutting edge of Internet Marketing.  


Aaron brings years of entrepreneurial experience and a heart of service excellence to his clients, the 5th Avenue Acquisitions & Venture Capitalists team, and to the brokers we works with on projects nationally and internationally.


barbara-wayman-project-fundingBarbara Wayman, APR

Owner - Blue Tree Media



Barbara Wayman is a public relations veteran with a portfolio that includes award-winning campaigns for instantly recognized products like Cracker Jack, Creamettes Pasta, and Real Lemon.


She launched BlueTree Media in 2001, and her clients include Ohio Health, Wendy’s International, the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption, Riverside Methodist Hospital, and AAA Ohio, among others.


Barbara’s core competency is her unique ability to balance results-driven strategy with creativity and attention to detail.


A Business First 40 Under Forty recipient, she holds a Masters in Journalism and a Bachelors in Communication from Ohio State University. She is an accredited member of the Public Relations Society of America and has donated her marketing expertise to several charitable organizations including the Northside Child Development Center where she served on the board of directors.


michael-mattes-project-fundingMichael Mattes

Partnership Coordinator - Coalition for Christian Outreach



Michael has served with the Coalition for Christian Outreach (CCO) since January of 2002.


Presently Michael serves as the Partnership Coordinator for Ohio, helping the CCO develop partnerships with churches, colleges and organizations to help develop young men and women to live out their Christian faith in every area of life.


Michael is passionate about helping develop within people a holistic worldview to answer the tough ethical questions of life. Michael is married to Beth and has a daughter, Lucy; they live in south Bexley, Ohio.



5th Avenue Acquisitions & Venture Capitalists and its Managing Partners and Partners employ staff throughout the United States, Puerto Rico and the United Kingdom.

We feel that our employees, associates and junior brokers are the most crucial component to our company, and are always seeking new talented candidates.

5th Avenue is an equal opportunity employer and provides competitive compensation, benefits, and growth opportunities.


Interested applicants should email their resumes to:

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