Path to Funding

The 5th Avenue Funding Path for your Business / Project
(7 Steps to Go from A to $)

We understand that this can be an anxious decision at times. 
That is why we take the time to walk you through every step of the way, from Application to Funding ($).

Described below is the process taking YOU from application to receiving the funds required to grow or start your business with 5th Avenue.

1.     Engage 5th Ave. Acquisitions and Venture Capitalists

·         Execute 5th Ave. Financial Consulting Agreement
·         Execute Non-Circumvention/Non-Disclosure Agreement

2.     Business Plan / Highlight Sheet presented to sources

·         Response times vary amongst funding sources – we have had interest within hours and others weeks to months
·         It is imperative that you are prepared to respond and act quickly when a
         source takes interest regardless of time frame

3.     Notification of Investor Interest

·         At this juncture, a Personal Financial Statement & Credit Report will be required on the principals
           - have them prepared beforehand

·         If principals PFS/Credit Report pass evaluation a call will be scheduled
         *(decisions are not based on scores or finances but rather help evaluate          
         character as one tends to manage business matters in much the same way they manage personal matters)

4.     1st Conference Call scheduled with Investor

5.     Approval / Engagement with Investor

·         Upon Awarding Approval an Engagement/Terms Letter will be provided
·         Engagement is presented with 7 day Expiration
·         Due diligence fee will be due and funds wired at
           time of executing Engagement/Terms Letter

·         2nd Conference call scheduled to answer any questions if needed

6.     Due Diligence (as required by Federal Law)

·        Completion and submission of the required Client Information Sheet
·        Due diligence requires 100-120 days on average (longer during holidays)

o   Initial 50-60 days is on principals and company
o   Final 50-60 days is on project itself

7.     Funding

·         Usually occurs 100-120 days after Approval (#5 - i.e. Engagement/Terms Letter above)
·         Stage Funding – “Line of Credit” (as required/determined by specific project)