Success or Significance

Success or Significance?

“Should I focus first on financial security, and then pursue what is fulfilling to me? Or should I follow my interests, and trust that money will eventually follow?”
It’s a decision that most of us make when we face reality.
But as time goes by, we may find that a growing dissatisfaction with our work settles in. And we begin to question the validity of our decisions.
Perhaps you’ve asked yourself…
“Should I continue working in a business or career that provides little satisfaction… because it pays the bills? Or have I reached a point in my life that it’s time do something significant?”
Are You Ready For a REAL Change?
Working from home, setting your own timetable, spending time with family and friends, knowing that the hard work you do is for your own company and, not having to climb a so-called corporate ladder. This is what lifestyle is all about...remember, business is supposed to give you a life, not take it away...
As a 5th Avenue Acquisitions & Venture Capitalist partner, you will receive world-class training and unparalleled and continuous support from the beginning. You will then have the opportunity to grow your business to meet your financial and personal goals. Your success is our mission and you will receive the benefit of using the same world-renowned strategies and systems we teach our clients to make their businesses and their lifestyles ideal.
We have discovered the power to make a difference in the lives of many Doctors and business people and who now enjoy their ideal lifestyle!

On retirement you sell to the newer people coming up the ladder, very similar to a Partnership in a law firm or CPA firm. You will act as a legacy planner for your clients and in the business community. Your work will matter. It will leave a legacy. Based on your leadership experience you might qualify as a Firm Owner/Managing Partner and you’ll have the opportunity to build your own M&A organization. This will allow you to develop your own style and method of developing your business.