Is Opportunity Knocking?

Do we have your entrepreneurial juices flowing? Then 5th Avenue Acquisitions & Venture Capitalists’ opportunity may be just what you have been searching for!

If you have at least five years of general business experience and truly enjoy working closely with people, then ask yourself, “Is the title of Business Owner more aligned with my ambitions and passions?” If so, start the fact finding process today to determine whether joining a very well respected M&A firm is right for you?
Now, it’s about finding out if you’ve got what it takes to really enjoy and thrive in this amazing business opportunity.
Isn’t it time that your business worked for you? You deserve the benefits of ownership!
• Increased Lifestyle
• Less Drama – Less Stress
• Strategic Focus
• More Time with Family and Friends
• Freedom From Workplace Chaos
• No More Unmanageable Schedules
• No More Slaving
We train you in a new way of working and living that you have to see to believe.
You are comfortable working hard and doing what it takes to succeed. But what toll is that taking on the rest of your life? And further, what if the solution for one was the solution for the other??? But yet you slave away trading all that effort…for what? Things you can’t enjoy…really?
But What If You Could Stop Slaving?
What if you could succeed in a way that didn’t cost you all your free time? What if success could be more consistent and predictable? What if your business dreams and goals could be reality? What if you could fill your business with strategic systems that made everyone’s work more efficient and rewarding and profitable now AND in the long run? What if time management could become time mastery? Financial management could transform into financial mastery.
If you are a corporate executive, business owner, organization leader, or entrepreneur who is ready for a new way to work, ready to get strategic and unleash your true potential, and discerns the terrible cost of a lack of strategy…then you’ve come to the right place!
Without a sound strategy, no business will last long. Our first strategic goal is to increase the accuracy of your knowledge regarding your best clients, your best processes for serving them, and your most compelling reasons for doing so. If you don’t have measurable, objective answers to these questions, you are flying blind.
In uncovering these answer we help you craft your Strategic Vision to build an M&A practice. Think of it like a mission statement who just got back from Marine boot camp.
We also need to discover why this is worth your life. Why is this business something you MUST do. Or is it? This is not for the timid!
5th Avenue Acquisitions & Venture Capitalists provides a strategic toolbox comprised of highly customizable strategic system templates that cover four key areas of focus: Time Strategy, Financial Strategy, People Strategy, and Leadership Strategy.
We use this remarkable system to show the partners at our firm just like you how efficient and effective your business can really be. There are no hard sells here. If you want to work by design and not by default, be able to have time for the people you value most, and see your business thrive…then it sounds like you’re a very good candidate for 5th Avenue Acquisitions as a Venture Capitalist.
Your Calling Is Calling


On retirement you sell to the newer people coming up the ladder, very similar to a Partnership in a law firm or CPA firm. You will act as a legacy planner for your clients and in the business community. Your work will matter. It will leave a legacy. Based on your leadership experience you might qualify as a Firm Owner/Managing Partner and you’ll have the opportunity to build your own M&A organization. This will allow you to develop your own style and method of developing your business.