How we work

How We Work

100% financing & Venture Capital

Are You Challenged With Getting Financing?
We understand and can help with:
  • Tailor-made financing
  • Longer repayment terms
  • Office improvement, and expansion
  • Business debt consolidation
Flexible terms and repayment options, that will move your business forward and will help you get things done on time and within budget.
For new practices

100% financing for everything from architectural to renovations and construction, equipment, and other expenses
  • Working capital to start off right
  • Longer terms —up to 15 years—to keep payments low and affordable
  • Up to 36 months of graduated payments to keep expenses low

Practice Acquisitions with financing up to $25 million

Together we'll review a variety of financial options for helping you meet your objectives.

  • 100% financing or for some practices 120% financing for working capital
  • Interest-only payments for 12 months or deferred payments for 6 months so that you will have lower payments while you adjust to ownership
  • 5th Avenue Acquisitions fixed-rate terms to meet your specific needs
  • 5th Avenue Acquisition and real estate combination loans that simplify your financial life
5th Avenue’s finance division will go over with you the tax benefits you can receive from depreciation and first-year write-offs as well as the Section 179 tax implications of qualifying equipment and software purchases. 
Contact Us to schedule a meeting about your specific project funding & financing options. . .