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Executive Summary

executive-summaryHow to Write an Executive Summary

An Executive Summary, in short, is your best summary or synopsis of your business idea, condensed into a few pages, if possible, and supported by other documents.
How important is a great executive summary?
The executive summary is to a business plan, what a headline is to an advertisement.  If your headline in an advertisement does not compel the properly targeted prospect or consumer to read further or take the next step, then it has not done it's job, your advertisement dollar is wasted, and your product will not get sold.  
Some people will be turned away by a headline in a well written advertisement, and that is ok, as long as it is not turning away the ideal consumer.  
Likewise, your executive summary should be clear, concise and compelling enough to persuade the right investor to clear time on his or her schedule in order to meet with you, whether in person or via conference call.  The reason for the executive summary is to position the very best of your business plan, and your qualified team credentials and proposition in front of the investor in such a way that is only takes a few minutes for the busy investor or fund manager to make the decision that your plan is worth taking the next step.  

5th Avenue Acquisitions & Venture Capitalists Reagan Rodriguez

The 6 Roles of Success and 7 Institutions of Society

Reagan Rodriguez, CEO of 5th Avenue Acquisitions & Venture Capitalists discusses the 6 faces of success and leadership, and how a personal definition of being a man or woman directly affects one's success in these roles.  Identification of these roles, and the necessity to be adequate in all of them at the right time and place are critical to one's personal success as a man or woman. 

He further discusses the 7 institutions of society and how we need to be making an impact in at least 1 of these institutions.  Although, we will most likely have influence in most or all of these institutions throughout our life, we must recognize where we are equipped and called to fight our personal battles.

The 6 faces of manhood / womanhood he lists are:

1 - Student

2 - Friend

3 - King / Ruler / Leader

4 - Lover

5 - Warrior

6 - Mentor

In our lives as leaders, we need to realize that under certain circumstances, and with certain people, we must learn to work well in all of these roles.

5th Avenue Acquisitions & Venture Capitalists Lynn Anderson

Leading firm owner, Lynn Anderson from Georgia talks about specific strategies that have helped her to be one of the most successful partners with 5th Avenue Acquisitions & Venture Capitalists.  She is not just a successful firm owner, but owns and runs 2 other businesses as well as a business women's leadership network and radio / podcast called "Women Warriors", and is a published author, speaker and women's business leader.
She shares her concept of "High 5" treatment to show how partners can always do better in their personal business, by having a plan to serve dentists in several arenas regarding their dental business success.

Overcoming Obstacles

Overcoming Obstacles in 2015

Pastor Johnny Periera spoke at the 2014 annual conference this last fall about overcoming obstacles, sharing 2000 year old wisdom about growth, overcoming, putting things into proper perspective and becoming a better leader.

Through his message, he uses appropriate humor and examples while showing how a specific passage in the New Testament book of James applies not only to life 2000 years ago, but still applies to our experience in life and specifically in approaching challenges and obstacles in business in the present age.  The passage he shared was James 1: 2-8 (NIV) : 

Project Funding in 2015

project-fundingHow to get your project funded in 2015

Most people who have a vision or a dream of acquiring a large piece of commercial real estate, launching a new company, or getting their idea funded will face all kinds of challenges on the pathway to funding.  Knowing what you need in terms of personal finances, experience, solid business plan, pro-formas and executive team are critical in order to be taken seriously by a private investor.  The private capital and VC worlds are very different from commercial lending routes, and here are a few things you will need to know to have a better chance at the uphill climb you will face in getting your project funded in 2015.

At 5th Avenue, we are in the business of helping fund projects and visions for people who are serious about being in business for the long haul.  We also get a lot of submissions / requests for private monies where the applicant is really not properly prepared for the private funding pathway. 

Most projects do not get funded for 1 of 3 major reasons: lack of due diligence funds or commitment, lack of experience, and lack of a solid project / plan. 

The Due Diligence Hurdle. . .

Due Diligence and the Pitch

due-diligenceDue Diligence and the Pitch

You're ready to seek financing for your start-up, acquisition, or rehab project, but are you ready from a private lender's and underwriter's perspective?

There are several "ingredients" necessary for the initial pitch or submission, and whether you pitch in person or you submit your project via email or digital means, presentation and preparation are essential initially, and especially in the follow up documentation.

Shale Oil Fracking

shale-oil-frackingShale Oil Fracking. . . To Boom or Not to Boom. . .

Recent debates have surged over the statistical declines in oil production in the continental United States. Some experts say that oil production in the Continental US is on the decline, while others say that oil production has not nearly reached its peak.  Due to the continuing advancement in hydraulic fracturing and other drilling advancements, it would seem that the favor is on the side of the optimists.

Those who tout that it is on the decline center their beliefs based on the rapidly declining output of oil and natural gas shortly after the shale wells are initially drilled.  But that is not the only variable in determining the potential future of oil production in the states.

Project Funding 1

project-funding-1The Venture Capital Road Map 
from inception to exit strategy – part 1

There is a lot of technical jargon (specialized vocabulary) surrounding the Venture Capital (VC) world, from seed funding to successful exit strategies, and depending on the kind of company you are building, or the project you are working diligently to secure funding for, the roadmap to success for any 2 ventures is never identical.   On top of that, with the SEC continuing to develop regulations, perpetuation of finance laws, and terms like 144a Bond Fund, convertible notes, dry powder, etc. one can become quickly overwhelmed when “venturing” into the VC world.

project funding

project-funding-black-gold-rushProject Funding and the new "Black Gold Rush"
Oil and Natural Gas Fracking (hydraulic fracturing) in recent years has created regional economic booms for some states.  In fact, the oil and natural gas fracking in North Dakota and other US states has been dubbed the "Black Gold Rush" because of the surge of people, businesses, commercial and residential real estate development, and many other factors into these economic "hot pockets".  North Dakota, in the last few years, has become the second largest oil producing state behind Texas.  Many people, from oil workers to investment bankers to construction company owners are taking advantage of this historical season of opportunities.
On January 24, 1848, when James Marshall found gold at Sutter's Mill in Coloma, California, the famous California Gold Rush began, creating an economic boom which spanned from 1848 to 1855 and has lasting effects we can see today.  Many companies that were started during this gold rush are still in business over 150 years later.