5th Avenue Acquisitions & Venture Capitalists Reagan Rodriguez

The 6 Roles of Success and 7 Institutions of Society

Reagan Rodriguez, CEO of 5th Avenue Acquisitions & Venture Capitalists discusses the 6 faces of success and leadership, and how a personal definition of being a man or woman directly affects one's success in these roles.  Identification of these roles, and the necessity to be adequate in all of them at the right time and place are critical to one's personal success as a man or woman. 

He further discusses the 7 institutions of society and how we need to be making an impact in at least 1 of these institutions.  Although, we will most likely have influence in most or all of these institutions throughout our life, we must recognize where we are equipped and called to fight our personal battles.

The 6 faces of manhood / womanhood he lists are:

1 - Student

2 - Friend

3 - King / Ruler / Leader

4 - Lover

5 - Warrior

6 - Mentor

In our lives as leaders, we need to realize that under certain circumstances, and with certain people, we must learn to work well in all of these roles.

We must recognize the being a life-long student is necessary for growth, humility and the continued ability to serve others.

Being a friend is being reliable for another and walking through something with someone, or walking to a destination with another in order to reach a goal or destination together, or mutuality.

Being a King or Ruler is necessary and true leadership is from a heart of humility and servanthood, not tyranny and selfishness.

Being a Lover is imperative for the human heart, and we are all called to love specific other people in our lives.  What's important is that a number of people are plugging into us, and if we are truly loving them, we will be sure to be plugging ourselves into the right source for their benefit.

The Warrior role is depicted in one or more of 7 institutions.  We are all called to fight and be a warrior or overcomer, and a protector in at least one of 7 institutions.  Identifying your role as a warrior is critical for those who you love and those you are called to serve.  

Those 7 Institutions of Culture where our battle is played out are Religion, Education, Family, Government, Media, Arts & Entertainment and Business.

Finally, being a Mentor is a role we will all play to some people.  We answer the role of mentoring by being ready to answer the question, "Who has been placed in my life, needing my help, direction, wisdom or encouragement on their journey?"

In summary, whether a man or a woman, we all have to face the responsibility of how successful and engaged we wish to be in these 6 critical life roles, and which of the 7 cultural institutions we are called to serve and fight for what is right, using our unique, God-given talents, wisdom and convictions.

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