5th Avenue Acquisitions & Venture Capitalists Larry Cook

Larry Cook, Managing Partner, Texas, shares his vision for the Texas Firm of 5th Avenue Acquisitions & Venture Capitalists at the 2014 Annual, National Conference in Naples, Florida.

The Mission Statement for 5th AAVC Houston is about being committed to exceeding the expectations of the customers they serve.

5th Avenue Houston's Mission Statement:

They focus on offering solutions that add real value to their customers.  They build meaningful relationships that result in an environment strengthened by open dialogue, exceptional customer service, and excellence in delivery. They understand the importance of giving back to the local community.  They're always mindful that their customers may be their neighbors, and in many cases, are their friends.

What does 5th Avenue Houston do?

They work with a key group of Private Lenders, and Venture Capital and Private Equity partners, to arrange and provide appropriate financing based on the needs of their clients.

Core Values

The 5th AAVC Houston Firm has Core Values established in 3 focus areas:

     - They are client focused. They will do everything possible to create value for their customers and deliver beyond expectations.

     - They believe in honesty, integrity and performance, and their strong ethical principles are the foundation of their bond with their customers.?

     - They are committed to helping their fellow Houstonians, Texans, and others, through their community outreach programs and charitable donations.

5th Avenue Houston's Historical Perspective

5th AAVC Houston was formed in October 2013, with official launch in May 2014 
Houston Partners, Larry Cook and Dr. David Thurmond, bring a wide variety of experience and background in finance, operations, management, marketing, healthcare practice management, and a fundamental understanding of how to achieve aggressive business growth objectives.
Their initial role is: 
  • Listen to objectives of their clients and fundamentally understand their business model.
  • Understand their needs from a capital standpoint
  • Determine most effective funding strategy (or strategies) to pursue
  • Support creation of offer package, as required
  • Find the investor
  • Work with funding source to deliver investment

Larry goes into further detail on specific objectives as well as short and long term goals in building the vision and mission of their firm in Houston during his compelling and inspiring presentation at the annual conference in October, 2014.

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