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Venture Capital - 144a Bond Funding - Angel Investing- Practice Transitions

At 5th Avenue Acquisitions & Venture Capitalists, we are in the business of helping your vision become a reality through several models of private equity & funding options.  We have a strong heritage of helping others achieve their desired results through practice transitions and business / project funding (read more here).

​Whether your vision or your company's goal is the acquisition of a local assisted living facility, a multi-phase commercial real estate development project, the expansion of a stabilized business, or a natural gas and oil mining project, we have the funds and the cooperatives to make it a reality.  5th Avenue Venture Capitalists offers up to 100%, non-recourse, options through the 144a Bond Fund program, Angel Investing, and other Venture Capital options for ventures ranging from start-ups to large development projects.  

To begin the process, you will need to set up a conference call while applying for funding here:


Read more about recent projects approved for funding here, or learn more details about the 144a Bond Fund here.

At 5th Avenue, our team throughout the United States and the UK also assist dental and medical professionals through the practice transition process.  Whether you are looking to acquire, expand, or sell a dental or medical practice, our team can help. 

     Buy a Medical or Dental Practice                   Sell a Dental or Medical Practice

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Buying a Medical Practice

If you are on the road to practice ownership for the first time or if you are looking to expand your existing practice through more locations, wouldn’t you want an expert guide? 5th Avenue Acquisitions & Venture Capitalists knows the industry and partners with buyers successfully acquiring their ideal practice.

With a national presence and a personalized approach, your local 5th Avenue Acquisitions & Venture Capitalists Partner is positioned to be your local expert. We mobilize our knowledge and industry resources so that your road to ownership is as smooth as possible!

We are eager to:

  • Identify your key practice criteria
  • Engage our nationwide team to quickly find your ideal practice
  • Provide all financial and patient information you need to ensure your success
  • Act as your resource for contacts in operating your new practice
  • Qualify you for up to 100% financing in a matter of weeks, not months

And we aren’t deterred by student loans. You shouldn’t be either!

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Selling a Medical Practice

Whether you are ready for retirement, or looking to sell your practice for another reason, 5th Avenue Acquisitions & Venture Capitalists will come alongside you during your transition. Our streamlined process from Certified Practice Valuation to listing to close ensures that your financial and personal objectives are met.

After we've identified your ideal buyer, you don't need to worry about financing. We are able to provide up to 100% financing based upon our valuation of your practice. Your objectives aren't just a dream. We'll make them a reality.

We will successfully transition your practice by:

  • Determining the loan value of your practice
  • Locating your ideal buyer
  • Screening potential buyers for necessary qualifications
  • Marketing and advertising with our proven strategy
  • Upholding strict confidentiality & privacy policies
  • Returning your emails and calls the same day

And we guarantee you 100% cash-out at closing.

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Join Our Heritage of Success as a Firm Owner or Partner

Sustained and projected growth. This is our industry, the medical and dental acquisition industry. Tenacious, forward-thinking and personable. These are our people, every Partner and Firm Owner. Business ownership, first-of-class training, financial freedom. This is your opportunity, your ownership opportunity with 5th Avenue Acquisitions & Venture Capitalists.

If you possess a mindset for success and share our philosophy for doing business, contact us to find out if your territory has your name on it!